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Act Now & Be the Change: No Gift Is Too Small!

Contribute to this campaign in order to continue to manifest being the change and to help sustain the Bus at the same time!

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No Gift Is Too Small!

We know it's easy to fall into thinking that we can't donate enough to make a difference. And yet we also all know, from our time on the bus, that many small streams will form a large river! We're asking you to give an amount that you wouldn't even think twice about spending, and to do so every month for the next year. Every day we purchase things that we don't really need. For the next year, we challenge you to donate that amount to EEI every month instead. What's something you could give up once a month for a year?

  • A bagel with cream cheese: $2.50
  • A small fair trade chocolate bar: $3
  • An oatmeal blueberry muffin: $3.50
  • A cup of regular coffee bought at a café: $4
  • A cup of earl grey tea bought at a café: $4
  • A magazine (Outside, Mother Jones, Yoga Journal, etc.): $6
  • A pint glass of beer: $6
  • A fancy blended coffee drink or green smoothie: $7
  • A glass of wine: $8
  • Lunch at a food truck: $10
  • A movie ticket: $13
  • A movie & popcorn: $18
  • An impulse buy (e.g. piece of clothing, earrings, …): $15
  • Dinner at a restaurant: $20
  • A ticket to a sporting event or a play: $30

We are calling upon your generous spirit, your deep knowing of the power of bus education, and your ability to commit and deliver! Act now and sign up to make a monthly donation, in the amount of your choice for the next 12 months, in order to be an integral part of supporting others to Getonthebus!

Of course, if you don't feel able to commit to recurring donations, a onetime donation is fine. Every dollar counts and no donation is too small. We really mean that!